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Essay writing task is not such easy. The essay writing is not just writing paragraphs. In the case of student the writing task is also very important because the academic marks are not only depends on exam but also it depends on the quality of the paper. In the academic quality and deadline both are equally important. There is very less chance to get to choose students own topic. Most of the cases teachers give topic. If you get a chance for choose our own topic then choose known topic because it will help you to complete your paper fast without any stress.

After getting or selecting the topic next you first schedule your time. While scheduling try to schedule the time which you can able to get more concentration. After scheduling your time, try to follow it and it will help you to write best essays. If you get unknown topic then you should first understand the topic and study the topic. Before start writing you want data for writing so that you can collect data from library and also you can ask with your friends and family or any high knowledgeable peoples. The collecting time only prepare the notes because this note is really helpful for you in writing time.

In the essay structure there are three main parts Introduction, Body and conclusion. Introduction is the first part and in the introduction part just introduce your topic and no need to add more about your topic just tell what is the topic in some words. Next is body part. Body part is the place for explain your topic. Here in body part you can add diagrams and all because by reading your body part reader should get the idea about your topic and here body you can add full details of your topic. After body last part is conclusion. Conclusion is nothing but summary of your topic. In the conclusion part you can summaries your topic. After completing writing, next you should read your paper twice or more and correct the mistakes. Another important thing is that if you copy same content that you collect from resources then your paper will show plagiarism and you will get very less marks for it. Plagiarism is nothing but it is the content that you copied. After submitting the paper teacher first check plagiarism and based on quality of your paper they give marks to you. So collect data make notes but while write it your own words and avoid plagiarism and score better marks.

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