Relationship between book and academic mark

The reading is the good and effective method for learning. The reading is also a good habit for all. The students life the reading is most important because the reading book is the easy and perfect way for the learning. The book reading has contains many benefits. The reading is improving the students vocabulary, writing skill, reducing the stress and the language skill. The reading is expanding the students vocabulary. That means continues reading is improving the students knowledge all over the world; they are learn and understanding the new words and new ideas. The students are read the different types of books, like the story books, novels, editorials, autobiography, etc. The reading and learning improves the students writing skill. The writing skill is most important for the students academic life. All students are learning and writing the different things daily in to the school. The parents are the first teacher of the all students. The parents teach her student by the words and letters. The teachers are teaching the basic ideas of writing to the students. The students are learning the writing techniques from the school. The reading is reducing the students stress and strain, and also improve the students focus. The reading is a good medicine for reducing the stress. That is read the interested or favorite book on that time. The daily reading is improves the students focus. The time of reading the interested article or the mystery novel the students are not know the outside world. They are only concentrating the reading book. It is more helpful to the students for study. The students are get attention and concentration on the class time and the learning time.

Reading is a good exercise for the brain. That is the reading is the much complex task for the human brain compared to the watching TV. The reading is strengthens the brain connections and also help for building the new connections. The reading improves the students imagination. The reading of different books gives different imaginations to the students. At the time of reading book the students are translating the word into the form of image. So automatically creating and improving the students imagination. The reading is a great way for spending time. At the boring time the reading is a way and it is more fun. All students are more interested for reading the story books and cartoon books. The all parents get encouraged to reading. The students are learning the information and ideas without depending on others. The students reading are important for their academic period. The reading is the basic of learning. To reading the text books and reading study notes are important for the students. Today most of the schools are promoting the reading to the school. All school contains a good school library and all students are taking the membership into that library. They are providing the story books, reference books, etc. We know the reading is a essential term for the academic marks. That is, a good read or learned student will get the high score into the examination. The reading is the better way for learning the class notes and textbooks. Reading skill is essential for the all students, it is the best way for understand the topics. The reading improves the students memory power and the students concentration to the particular subject. To reading the news papers or other public magazines will improve the students knowledge, so the reading is most important to the academic period. The all parents and teachers are maximum try to support the reading skill.

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