Students Should Know About Environment and Society, to Build a Good Character

A person career and life molding with depend of his society and environment. In a human life, environment and society are very important. Students are just beginners compared with all stages and regions. Students need to study a lot matter environment and society. A persons character depending on his family and surrounding. Society is like a family and we are living in that family. Each day we meet a new person in our society and we keep some relationship in our society. Society is buildup with some rules and frames. All are following these rules. When a new baby coming in the society, all giving a space for him and also respect. The rules are the strongest part of the society. But we can see every where positive and negative shaded people. In all society we can see both of these people and these kinds of energy there. As student, you must know about your society and environment. To live in this world with happy, we need good society and atmosphere. But in this 21st centaury all are don’t give importance to society and environment, that why we are facing a lot problems related to these subjects. Our character forming based on surrounded people. If they negative shaded people, we also move on the same path. Especially college students must care about their surroundings.

Teenagers have more energy and they have tendency to opposite all kinds of activities. If you are not controlling your emotions and power, you may lose your career and life. Here some points are given about character building, environments, and society and also you can know how these all tied with together. In society, a person is living with different stages. Society gives the importance for a person based on his age, dignity, job, and character. So students are must try to get a good position and job in this career. Also keep best character in your life. Family is the first stage and academic is the second stage and society is the final stage of character forming and these are supported to build a good character. But we can see some dirty activities in the society. Students have some responsibilities to prevent these kinds of activities in the society. Many students are part of drugs and other crimes, so each student has responsibility to avoid these kinds of activities from the society. The students can conduct many programs like flash mob, seminar, and awareness class, etc. our environment is more polluted by human activities. Many tress are cut by human for building purpose but he doesn’t plant and tree at same area.

Also increased the use of the petroleum products by human, and these all activities are making the global warming. Also students must clean their places and surrounding. A lot of diseases are coming from the dirty places and life style. Students are learning these are from their academic institutions. The basic lessons taught by the parents and family members. Students are most of the time spending at their academic. The friend’s behavior influenced on their behavior, that’s why teachers are considering and caring all people with same line. These above explained things and matters are influenced the child or students behavior. Also teach them importance of environments. The school trips and excursion will help to increase their analyzing power. That time they can learn lot things from outdoor. People’s behavior, and attitude, etc are subjects for student to analyze. Students have the responsibility to make a better society and they can do a lot programs through their academic career. Always keep positive energy and make better life and career.

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